Painting with Fire and Wax – series of sculptures using material from an old beech tree blown down in the wood where the old Beech trees that are the focus of my work are situated.

These pieces are both endings and beginnings.  The blackness of the charred wood – a dark, densifying contraction that absorbs light and draws you into a slower time.  The arterial red of the wax – life, passion, a quickening of the pulse, revolution and beauty.


2014-09-12 14.03.43

The Invisible Embrace #1 (Wood, wax, oil)

2014-09-12 14.15.40

The Invisible Embrace #2 (Wood, wax, oil)

2014-09-12 14.17.57

The Invisible Embrace #3 (Wood, wax, oil)

2014-09-12 14.24.05

Nothing to Lose, Everything to Give Away (Beech wood, wax and oil)


Wounded Beauty – With Beech trees, old, heavy branches tend to peel of sometimes leaving long wounds.  It was one such wound that inspired this piece.  Inside the dark space are beech leaves, twigs and nuts all encased in beeswax.  The leaves, twigs and beech mast all came from the beeches that have become the focus on my work.

2015-04-05 12.03.36 2015-04-05 12.04.04

2015-04-05 12.00.52


All of Life is an Act of Letting Go – this instillation piece came into being over time, a gradually emerging into being that was a weaving together of my time with the ancient beech trees, my studio practice and research.

2015-08-29 11.02.52


The Touch of Beauty – this slice of beech wood is riddled with the snaking fingers of a bracket fungus.  A tree diseased or the unadorned truth of nature defined by asymmetry and random imperfections?   Respecting the density of time and history in this piece I sought to work with the natural beauty of their piece by lightly highlighting certain areas with red tinted beeswax.

“In reality there is nothing in the universe which is completely perfect or completely still; it is only in the minds of men such concepts exist’ (Alan Watts, quoted Juniper, 2003).


Touched by Beauty (Beech wood, wax and oil)

Touched by Beauty (Beech wood, wax and oil)