Christine Partridge Artist

Month: December, 2015

Back in the Studio

Having finished my degree, got my results and celebrated the 1st, I was ready to start working on my next project.  This is proving harder than I thought, my hands and thoughts are slower, heavier – as if my creative muscles are stiff and need warming up!

2015-12-20 15.10.09


‘Up close’ – it is good to be drawing again






A study for ‘Fragmenting’ – based on the scans of my left eye.  I am not sure where this is going but it is good to have started on something!

2015-12-20 13.31.252015-12-20 13.31.05


What next?

With a 1st class degree in Painting under my belt and after a 3 month I  break from producing, I am starting to think – what next?  After so long being so focused  it isn’t proving easy to start afresh.

One of thread that snagged my attention when I was working with the beech trees was the idea of woundedness – the beauty and damage and portent of time passing.  I found a ‘new’ tree with a massive wound that is both full of beauty and horror.  This interest in has been reinforced by a recent unexplained inflammation to the back of my left eye.

The experience was frightening and yet the scans taken of the damage are beautiful.  Ideas for turning this experience into art have been bubbling away plus a desire to do some work with the ‘new’ tree but I have yet to get into the studio to start manifesting them – I am torn between being patient (I will start when I am ready) and pushing myself to get into the studio and start.  We shall see what happens over the next couple of weeks!