Christine Partridge Artist

Month: June, 2015

When is an Artist Statement finished?

I thought my statement was finished, but today I found myself changing a word here, removing a word there, wondering about the length of a sentence.  This process of endless tweaking and questioning has been going on for awhile, each time I think it is done but then I look again …….  I am in danger of overworking it like a painting and removing all life from what I originally wrote.  Time to print it out ready to take to the venue on Wednesday with my wrapped up artwork!

2015-06-27 13.46.49


Exhibition leaflets

The last couple of evening I have been printing out the finalised exhibition leaflets and business cards.  It has been quite a journey designing, proof-reading and then formatting the leaflets and cards for printing.  And then there was the challenging of getting the colours right on printing – what you see on the screen was not what emerged from the printer!  Some folding and cutting and the job was done – another thing off my ‘to do’ list.

2015-06-24 08.31.20

Exhibition leaflets, bookmarks and cards

Preparing work for hanging

Paintings done – the next thing – how to hang them. The obvious fittings, mirror plates, would be visible and, for me, distracted from the work.   With a bit of research I found the Spring-Lock hidden security fittings.  With some trepidation I fitted them to a couple of paintings which I then hung – success, the painting is secure and after a week still hanging!  I have now attached the fittings to all the paintings – lots of attention to detail (accurate measuring etc.) but satisfying, the exhibition seems a step nearer.

All this preparation is making me recognise that being an artist also means being handy with a screwdriver!  My ability is definitely improving though I have yet to master the electronic screwdriver.



Signing work

I have been reluctant to sign my work – partly because I did not want to detract from the image but I also wondered if it reflected a certain reticence about putting my work ‘out there’.  According to various sites on the internet, it is important to sign your work and to have a legible signature so in the future people know who did the painting.  This did not enthuse me to start signing my work but one site also said signing your work was an acknowledgement that it was finished and ready to go public.  This resonated with me and so today I set about signing my pictures – putting my name on the back with the date and signing the front with my initials.


Final exhibition painting

I have just finished my final painting for the exhibition, I feel a little sad as it does mark the end of this part of my artistic journey.  I do have some ideas bubbling away that I want to develop, threads that emerged as I worked on my major project but tucked away with note to self to come back to them.  I have also discovered two more ancient beech trees in the wood I am working in and both are calling me to go back and work with them.   I am resisting temptation as it is only four weeks to my first exhibition and I have lots of practical things to do/organise.

2015-05-31 14.02.47

My current challenge is fitting the hanging system I am going to use (spring-locks) on the thinner wooden panels -adding a strut of wood across the back is my current idea, I just need to ensure that the screws do not go through to the front!